Rules for the stay

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The organiser does not accept any liabilty for valuable objects. The participating teams are responsible themselves for storing valuable objects safely.


The following venues are intended for meals:

  • Market Hall at Royal Course, Close to King 3rd place

Use of the sports facilities:

  • Please use your own balls for warm up playing
  • Please use the changing rooms only for getting changed and having showers. Please store clothing and sports bags outside the building.
  • Please leave the changing rooms and showers in a clean state. The next team would like to find clean premises too.
  • Please wash football boots in front of the changing rooms building and not in the shower.

Use of the sports halls for overnight accommodation:

  • The halls are locked from 8.30 am to 5 pm during the day.
  • The halls may only be entered with clean shoes.
  • There is absolutely no smoking allowed in the halls.
  • Please only listen to music with headphones after 11 pm. All lights are to switched off at midnight.

Important information:

We accept no liability for the match programme being correct. The tournament management reserves the right to alter the match. Please pay attention to the notice at the sports venues at the beginning of the tournament.


schwaninger    Bei Fragen zur Veranstaltung wenden Sie sich bitte an:

Klaus Schwaninger
TSV Kottern (Kooperationspartner der Stadt Kempten (Allgäu)

Tel.: +49 (0)151 413 62 464
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